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Cheap Web Design Manchester £99

New Pixel Studio offers graphic and cheap website design services. Our services are affordable, suitable for startups and seasoned businesses alike. We are based in Manchester.

The CMS website design services offered are mobile friendly, and suitable for multiple services. The design of the websites allows for easy integration of e-commerce and a variety of other functions.

From the start, we meticulously plan a beautiful vision for your website. We work treating your domain as a masterpiece, polishing all of our work from start to finish. Our services are highly professional, that deliver in accordance to your schedule, and no delays. The delivery times for each project are optimised, where we understand how each project is of importance to you.

We prefer to work directly with clients, to ensure that their detailed needs are fully met in the end product. We also help clients adapt their website design either for personal or business use.

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  • All designs are bespoke
  • Catered for most business types
  • Prompt customer support

Not only do we make websites, but we also aid clients with building their businesses. This makes us one of the most valued in the industry. Innovation wise, we aim to rank highly in the eyes of consumers and those affiliated with clients we have served. The designs we offer are research based, with a lot of experience in implementation, thus providing us a loyal client base.

Our focus is on client satisfaction in both customer service, and in providing plans that suit client specifications. If you need a service that offers pedantic care for detail and quality, we are here to serve.

Our services include:

Website Design

We provide custom designs for websites that are affordable and conducive to business. The websites we design not only care for aesthetics, but they also focus on creating a domain that communicates easily to its users. Any design we release is quite appealing to viewers.

Our concepts for web design are endless, and work for all business types, from small to large. You can this be assured of a creative image of your domain, aweing those who visit.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is vital for companies seeking to improve their branding. With graphic design, we can make anything from flyers and business cards, to designing sharp-looking logos. Through our service, you’ll always get a unique design suitable for you.

Videos and Video Editing

Through our website, we offer custom intros in case you’d like to advertise your product with a nice touch. Each intro we provide aims at improving your brand image and converting the highest amount of customers possible. We also can produce profesional video adverts and explainer videos.

Search Engine Optimisation

Are you seeking an SEO Expert? If you are, we can help you out. You won’t have to spend massive amounts of money on pay-per-click advertising. Through our service, we provide white hat improvements in organic SEO rankings. While there is fierce competition online, our services ensure that you come out on top!

Other services

If you need content created for your site, we can provide that to you. We offer professional content creation services to attract and engage your audience.

Also, we offer reputation management for enterprises and people seeking to improve their presence online. Our services has been optimised for those seeking improvements to their brands.

Another service we offer is app development. We understand that easy programs to use on phones and computers may be a requirement for your business. In fact, creating apps may be a method of attracting customers to you.

Finally, the most important service we can provide is excellent customer service. We are pleased to answer any question you have, where our turnaround times are quick. Your satisfaction and needs are always a top priority.