Owning an online shop, doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.   We transformed it into a simple and cost-effective process.

What makes us different than Shopify

  • New Pixel Studio there is No Monthly Fees.  Just a one off payment for the website.
    Shopify has a subscription fee of around £220 per month for the advanced package.
  • New Pixel Studio provides you with a profesional looking design catered to your business.
    Shopify you have to create it yourself from a template, which might not look very good.
  • New Pixel Studio provides a Ready to Go online shop.
    Shopify is not a Ready to Go online shop as you have to create it yourself from a template.
  • New Pixel Studio provides a SEO Friendly site.
    Shopify in the SEO community is not considered as fully SEO friendly.

Logo Design

An attractive Logo design is included with this web package.

E-commerce Software

Includes an easy to use CMS with integrated e-commerce software that makes it possible for you to to manage your online shop easily.


We can add up to 8 pages for you. But with the CMS you can login and add as many pages as you like.


Manage your site with an easy-to-use control panel. You don’t need to come back to us to make content changes. You can easily do it yourself. Content Management System (CMS), the software runs behind your site. Add, edit and manage unlimited pages and products / services.

Mobile Friendly

Over half of websites now are viewed either on phones or tablets. Our Mobile Friendly sites are responsive, they adapt to the screen size of the tablet or mobile.

Free Business Email setup with Zoho

We use Zoho mail.  Zoho mail has a free plan, which provides free business emails. Get a feature-rich, fast, and ad-free email service for your business with Zoho mail.


(Web Package 3) Give your website the “WOW” factor with:
  • A dynamic intro:  Really make your website stand out with a dynamic intro header.
  • Parallax scrolling: This is when you add a large image, typically to the home page, and the background of the image moves vertically at a slow rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll.

Website Hosted for 1 year

We can host your website free for a year.


We rent our server from Memset. Memset is a highly reputable server provider. Host your website on our Memset server. Our server is super fast and very secure, utilising a SSD drive with a fast quad core CPU processor. Our server is regularly maintained and monitored to make sure your website is running at its best.

We can host your website free for 1 year on our Memset server.

After 1 year you can renew with us at only £50 a year. This will help us cover our overheads with Memset.

Submit your website to Google

We will manually submit your website to Google. This way you can be sure that Google knows about your website.

Why so cheap?

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The Design

Thanks to our affordable price anyone can now expand their business and sell their services or products online.

Impress people with a website that looks fantastic, but also costs the fraction of the price, hence saving you money to put aside for other business activities.

Rather than having a website coded and developed from bottom to top which could take months, including all the hassle associated with it, and the costs plunging into thousands, in addition teething issues and bugs that have to be fixed.

Our packaged websites are ready usually within 2 weeks.

We use our amazing framework to produce our designs. This makes it more efficient to produce fantastic looking websites, that are modern, beautiful and bug free.

The websites are modern, beautiful, bug free, and look like they cost thousands of pounds.


CMS and Modules

Having a custom developed CMS or software module could cost tens of thousands of pounds to develop.    A custom CMS or module could take months to develop in addition to teething issues and bugs that need to be fixed.

Our CMS and Modules are out of the box ready made softwares. So we can concentrate on making the design attractive.  The advantage of this, is that the software is tried and tested, so you don’t have to worry about any bugs or issues.